Bruce Harper – Hero and Cool Kid


Bruce Harper was a star for the New York Jets in the 1980’s. He was and remains close to his teammate Wesley Walker, who was his Jet’s Roommate. But his greatest accomplishment is his foundation. It’s a great organization called Heros and Cool Kids. Bruce is extremely devoted to this organization and wants to make it more well known. It’s seems perfect for Google or Facebook or some other web based company to get involved and help it gain notoriety. Heros and Cool Kids is already a national organization. And the reality is they make a great push. But they do need help.


Heros and Cool Kids focuses on teaching kids how to eradicate issues like bullying, cyberbullying and other issues. It also teaches kids to cope. So athletes and celebritites ( and there is quite a big roster)  get trained on how to reach the students and coach them on makking good decisions. “This is really my life’s work. I am so devoted to it. It’s the best thing I have ever done. We need to make it grow.” Says Harper.

These athletes and celebrities then teach high schoolers on how to handle these situations and decisions. They role play and  work on storytelling in group activities and seminars over several days. Then the high school students reenforce their own lessons by teaching and reaching middle schoolers. These guys are doing great work and reaching a lot of kids and the message is always pay it forward. The kids also tell their own real life stories which makes it personalble and makes them relatable.  “You have to see what we are doing, we should be the model for other organizations like it. We are doing great things. Changing lives. You have to see it. The kids need us. They need this. It’s a crazy world. We make a difference. ” says Harper

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side note: “Fireman Ed” the Jets official/unofficial former mascot always wore a Bruce Harper Jersey with his Jets fire helmet. He did this because he said Bruce appitimized what it means to be a Jet and that Bruce was his all time favorite player because of the way he played.